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Topiary In Your Garden
Topiary in your garden has to be classed as “Fun”and is only limited by your imagination and I guess your willingness to do some hard work. Make no mistake, making Topiary In your Garden using hedge trimmers, hedge sheers and for the fine work sharp secateurs, is not for the faint hearted. Once you put the work into creating Topiary in Your Garden you need to keep at it regularly. At Jim’s Mowing we love topiary and have the expertise and the equipment to do the job professionally. Call us if you need a hand!

Topiary 1

How to Do It.
The secret is to select the correct plant and start while the plant is young and week by week clip it to the desired shape. All the while keeping the plant well fed, well watered and staked and mulched as necessary. Don’t expect results immediately as the plant needs to grow into your shape and this can take months so patients is needed. Topiary can take the shape of animals, numbers or just plane simple shapes like balls, squares, diamonds, hearts and even cars or pyramids. The ones in the pictures attached especially the car have been shaped with wire to start and then clipped using the wire as a guide. Jim’s Mowing can help you select the right plant for your desired topiary or hedge.

Topiary 2

How Often To Clip.
Depending on the plant at least monthly is best but you may get away with bi monthly or quarterly with slow growing plants. This keeps the plant invigorated and growing nice and thick maintaining the shape.

Topiary 3

Plant in a suitable position for the plant, garden, access,sunlight and buildings.
Stake & Mulch as required especially in windy weedy areas
Fertilize every eight to twelve weeks
Keep an eye on plant pests and diseases and use organic sprays as first choice
Irrigate as necessary especially during hot months
Maintain bio-diversity and sustainability on your property by recycling clippings into a compost bin & create your own compost for later topdressing use around the plant.

Topiary 4

Fun & Admiration
Once you have created an animal shape in your garden be prepared for admiring glances from your neighbors and people walking by as this type of gardening is rare and will make people stop, look and often laugh and talk about your creation. All good for the spirit of your neighborhood and community.

Topiary 5