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Hedging Pruning

Hedging and Trimming Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

If you’re a person who loves the look of a beautifully manicured garden, with all the trees pruned and plants trimmed, but you lack the skills or motivation to get the job done, Jim’s Mowing is here to help.
We provide the homes and commercial properties of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs with a hedge trimming, cutting, pruning and tree removal service.

Hedging Pruning
If you are not feeling the creative energy when it comes to hedge cutting and trimming? That’s fine, all you have to do is tell the team of professionals at Jim’s what you want your hedge to look like and we’ll safely stretch, bend, climb, cut and mould it into the shape you have always desired. If you just want a hedge cutting professional to make it look clean and healthy, we will happily take care of that for you, too.
Is there a tree that’s causing trouble? Perhaps you have heard from council and they want a dangerous tree taken down a peg or two? With Jim’s Mowing, we not only provide a professional hedge trimming service, but also a tree lopping and removal service that will ensure that risky tree won’t cause any further problems.
Don’t worry, we’ll bring all our own tools and equipment, meaning you won’t have to pay for any extra gardening tools that you will probably never use again.

Our Extended Trimming Service

Jim’s Mowing doesn’t end its service at hedge trimming and tree lopping, we also provide a tree pruning service, which is great for you, your back and your favourite trees. Tree trimming is not only vital for the health and growth of your trees, but it can also keep your family and home safe if a disastrous storm rolls around.

Overgrown trees containing dead branches become nothing short of airborne missiles during a storm, and this can prove dangerous for a property’s windows and occupants. Oversized trees can also clog your property’s gutters with leaves, so ensure that you don’t have to deal with these problems and enlist the professionals at Jim’s for a comprehensive service.

Hedging Pruning
Hedging Pruning

Trust Our Hedge Pruning Experts

The gardening experts at Jim’s Mowing will happily trim and prune your flowers and plants to ensure they bloom and thrive next spring. We take care of rubbish removal and green waste so that you don’t have to deal with all the scraps once we’re gone.

Alleviate the pressure on your back and enlist the services of Jim’s Mowing to provide your property with a hedge cutting, trimming or tree lopping and removal service.

If you would like to enlist our services or have any further enquiries about what we get done here at Jim’s, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team of staff.

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