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Welcome to the Jim's Lawn Mowing Eastern Suburbs Melbourne. We are offering professional gardening services for the eastern suburbs region of Melbourne. Jims Mowing offers lawn mowing eastern suburbs Melbourn, rubbish removal, landscaping, hedge trimming, garden maintenance, garden care, tree removal, gutter cleaning etc. We have well-trained staff who work in a professional way and you will get what you really required from us. 


Why Choose us?

Honest and Dependable
One of the unique features of the Jim’s Mowing system is our Work Availability Guarantee, which is available to you from day one.
True Lawn Specialists
The guaranteed ability to work 12 months of the year, even in the harsh Australian winter, with training, head office support and a computerized management system on your side.
Licensed & Insured
Jim’s Mowing has grown and become a leader in lawn mowing and garden services through offering training and support to our quality Franchisees.
30 Years of Experience
Founded by Jim Penman in the leafy northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia in 1982 with $24 in his pocket. Jim’s Mowing Australia is part of the fastest growing franchise groups in the world.


Jims Mowing eastern suburbs is a gardening and maintenance services providing company for home, lawn, gardens, yards, and apartments. We offer competitive services to our customers. You can get a FREE quote about our services regarding to your garden maintenance and flourishing needs. We offer professional lawn mowing and gardening services for the local people of eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We accomplished our journey of 25 years as a milestone in 2008 with our customers. We are serving to the people with the concept of quality of services in a cost-effective way. We are the best lawn mowing Melbourne eastern suburbs company.



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Garden Clean-Up

A Garden Clean-Up can mean many things. Do you need a garden clean-up for Christmas or maybe you are hosting a party and need a garden clean up to make your home look its best? Are you selling your house and wish to maximize your selling potential with a garden clean up! Could it be that you’ve purchased a new house with a jungle shocker and it needs a Garden Clean Up badly?Have you had renters in your property and the place has gone to
the dogs and needs a garden clean up urgently? Many times we have been able to help families selling deceased estate properties with a garden clean up, this may include furniture, rubbish, and junk. Perhaps your parents have moved out and you need some help in preparing the place for the market. Jim’s Mowing can help you with your garden Clean-Up no matter how much work is needed!


Many of us are guilty of hoarding and keeping items that are of some value or might be useful one day. Hoarding can spill out of the house and a garden clean up may include these items of dubious value, especially if they have been exposed to the weather.

Garages & Sheds

Garages and sheds are never large enough and eventually they need cleaning out. Jims Mowing can help you with these matters, or assist you with advice. If the contents of the shed have spilled out the door than we can include in the garden clean-up. We can even work with you in separating the keepers from the tip pile.

Typical Garden Clean-Up

Jims Mowing may start with weed spraying where necessary. Weed spaying can be a very cost-effective way of getting access to junk and rubbish after years of neglect. Usually we can return in a week and begin to see what needs to be done. Brush cutting, hedge trimming, pruning, mowing and often removing dead trees and shrubs. At this point we begin to work out if a skip or a Jim’s trailer is the best way to dispose of rubbish to the tip. Occasionally we may even bring in bob cats and trucks where necessary. E.g. removing old cars, car parts, rotten tree stumps, old sheds etc.


No matter what scenario we are presented with, safety of occupiers, our operators and the general public is our utmost concern. This often may include properties that have been invaded with rats and snakes and spiders. We are WHS accredited and trained. Call Jim’s Mowing for a free quote on the number below!


Neglect a pile of junk long enough and the weeds like Wandering Jew, Blackberries and Kikuyu will invade and it can happen within weeks. This takes the garden clean up to a more serious level and we have to include some weed management strategies. Never fear as we have seen it all, covered clothes lines to covered cars and we just love a garden clean up with a challenge.

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With affordable prices that don’t scrimp on quality, Jim’s is your one-stop shop for quality service. Contact us for gardening in your Melbourne property, whatever suburb you live in. We’ll come to you directly and offer a no-obligation free quote on your work, plus a timeframe for when we’ll get it done.