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The huge growth of the Jim’s Group over the years has been as a result of the hard work of our dedicated Franchisees.

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Your lawn and garden the way it should be

Jims Lawn Mowing Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Lawn Mowing QUALITY THAT IS GUARANTEED Your lawn and garden the way it should be Jims Lawn Mowing Melbourne Eastern Suburbs CALL 131 546 GET A FREE QUOTE Gardening QUALITY THAT IS GUARANTEED Your lawn and garden the way it should be Jims Lawn Mowing Melbourne Eastern Suburbs CALL 131 546 GET A FREE QUOTE

Our Services

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Jims lawn mowing services Melbourne eastern suburbs provide the best possible finish for your lawn including professional edging of entire lawn area including around trees and other garden features…
Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal

If your yard is looking a bit messy, with scraps of rubbish strewn around, and the thought of giving up your Saturday to clean it up doesn’t excite you, get in contact with the rubbish removal experts at Jim’s Mowing…
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Jim’s Mowing understand the importance of providing an outstanding service, and therefore do the job with minimal interruption to the daily goings on of the property – whether residential or commercial…
Land Scaping


If you don’t know your lilacs from your lilies, and you have no idea how to go about planting them and helping them thrive, don’t worry, the team of landscaping services experts at Jim’s Mowing have got you covered…
Lawn Care

Lawn care

We provide a lawn maintenance service. Our team of professional gardeners will happily visit your property and provide a comprehensive service that ensures your lawn, and overall garden, looks perfect…
Hedging Pruning

Hedging Pruning

Jim’s Mowing provide the homes and commercial properties of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs with a hedge trimming, cutting, pruning and tree removal service. Jim’s Mowing is here to help you…

Garden Care

Garden Care

If you’re too busy to do the mowing, weeding or pruning but still want to enjoy the pleasures of a gorgeous garden that suits your lifestyle, call the Jim’s Mowing garden maintenance professionals…
Commercial Gardening

Commercial Gardening

Jim’s Mowing provides a commercial garden maintenance service that caters to real estate agents and commercial properties. As real estate agents are involved in property management, is is imperative that you…

Why Choose us?

Honest and Dependable

One of the unique features of the Jim’s Mowing system is our Work Availability Guarantee, which is available to you from day one.

Licensed & Insured

Jim’s Mowing has grown and become a leader in lawn mowing and garden services through offering training and support to our quality Franchisees.

True Lawn Specialists

The Jim’s Work Guaranteed ability to work 12 months of the year, even in the harsh Australian winter, with training, head office support and a computerized management system on your side.

30 Years of Experience

Founded by Jim Penman in the leafy northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia in 1982 with $24 in his pocket. Jim’s Mowing Australia is part of the fastest growing franchise groups in the world.

Professional Lawn Mowing Services – Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne

There is nothing more pleasing than the crisp smell of a fresh mowed lawn and the aesthetic of a well-maintained garden. At Jim’s Mowing, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we provide professional lawn mowing services that ensure a smooth and immaculate finish which will enhance the beauty of your garden.


Welcome to Jim’s Mowing, where we provide lawn mowing services throughout the eastern suburbs for outstanding prices. Jim’s Mowing, founded by Jim Penman in 1982, has long been the most respected and relied upon lawn mowers in Melbourne and throughout Australia. It’s the goal of our highly skilled and experienced lawn mowing professionals to ensure that your garden is celebrated for the beauty it beholds.

Penman started the Jim’s Mowing business with only $24 and a dream of changing the face of Australia’s lawns and gardens. What was once a small investment and a grand dream has since become Australia’s most reputable provider of lawn mowing services for great prices. However, our service could never be classed as “cheap”, as we continue to go from strength to strength due to the passion and skill of our mowers.

Lawn Mowing Services Throughout Melbourne

If you ever find yourself up against a challenge in the garden, one that you just can’t fathom taking on yourself, call the professional lawn mowers at Jim’s Mowing. Our service doesn’t stop there, however, as we provide a comprehensive list of gardening services to make your job easy.

Whether you are designing a new garden bed and are stuck for ideas, or your plants need a professional touch to enhance productivity, or something more out there, simply get in contact with the team of lawn mowing and gardening experts at Jim’s Mowing for a top-notch service.

We are here to help you with your lawn and your garden (we have no problems dealing with overgrowth). By the time our professional team are finished, you will understand the joys and wonders of having your perfect garden brought to life.

With decades of skilled, hands-on experience providing mowing and gardening services to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, you can be that at Jim’s Mowing, we get the job done with finesse. Additionally, we will be happy to share with you our vital lawn mowing and gardening tips. This means providing you with essential knowledge on how to maintain the health of your plants, lawn and how to keep your garden weed and pest-free.

Trained and Highly Experience Lawn Mowing Professionals

The team of highly trained and experienced lawn mowing professionals at Jim’s Mowing are adept to providing high class lawn mowing services for cheap prices. They will happily tidy up your garden in a way that keeps your topiaries, roses and fruit trees flourishing.
Jim’s Mowing Melbourne North has the most advanced tools and the finest gardeners in Victoria. We also provide a rubbish removal service, so that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of any mess once we have completed the job.


How to Plant a Wall of Fruit

Don’t have the space for trees? You can make the most of vertical spaces by creating a fruiting wall. All you have to do is follow these simple tips.

Amazing Autumn

Autumn is a greatly rewarding time for veggie garden. There is both new planting and harvesting to enjoy. Cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchinis are still cruising along nicely.

How to Make Compost

A reliable composting system will consume all of your food scraps and garden debris, providing you with one of nature’s most trustworthy allies.

Grow Root Vegetables at Home

Once you have enjoyed the earthy goodness of carrots and parsnips sourced from your own garden, it becomes pretty difficult to return to the store-bought version.

4 Mistakes that are Killing Your Grass

Incorrect lawn maintenance can lead to dry, scruffy and even dying grass. Here are four common lawn mistakes that home gardeners should avoid at all costs.

What our clients say about us

Five star job, as they did an excellent job and were on time and friendly.



Great service.. job was well done to our expectation.. and above. Great attitude. I was very very happy…



The service was excellent. The work was completed quickly and to a high standard. I would highly recommended this franchise to other people I know in my area.



Quick response to quote, arrived on time, excellent job.


South Yarra

Garden Clean-Up

A Garden Clean-Up can mean many things. Do you need a garden clean-up for Christmas or maybe you are hosting a party and need a garden clean up to make your home look its best?

Are you selling your house and wish to maximize your selling potential with a garden clean up! Could it be that you’ve purchased a new house with a jungle shocker and it needs a Garden Clean Up badly?

Have you had renters in your property and the place has gone to the dogs and needs a garden clean up urgently?

Many times we have been able to help families selling deceased estate properties with a garden clean up, this may include furniture, rubbish, and junk. Perhaps your parents have moved out and you need some help in preparing the place for the market. Jim’s Mowing can help you with your garden Clean-Up no matter how much work is needed!


Many of us are guilty of hoarding and keeping items that are of some value or might be useful one day. Hoarding can spill out of the house and a garden clean up may include these items of dubious value, especially if they have been exposed to the weather.

Garages & Sheds

Garages and sheds are never large enough and eventually they need cleaning out. Jims Mowing can help you with these matters, or assist you with advice. If the contents of the shed have spilled out the door than we can include in the garden clean-up. We can even work with you in separating the keepers from the tip pile.

Typical Garden Clean-Up

Jims Mowing may start with weed spraying where necessary. Weed spaying can be a very cost-effective way of getting access to junk and rubbish after years of neglect. Usually we can return in a week and begin to see what needs to be done. Brush cutting, hedge trimming, pruning, mowing and often removing dead trees and shrubs.

At this point we begin to work out if a skip or a Jim’s trailer is the best way to dispose of rubbish to the tip. Occasionally we may even bring in bob cats and trucks where necessary. E.g. removing old cars, car parts, rotten tree stumps, old sheds etc.


No matter what scenario we are presented with, safety of occupiers, our operators and the general public is our utmost concern. This often may include properties that have been invaded with rats and snakes and spiders. We are WHS accredited and trained. Call Jim’s Mowing for a free quote on the number below!


Neglect a pile of junk long enough and the weeds like Wandering Jew, Blackberries and Kikuyu will invade and it can happen within weeks. This takes the garden clean up to a more serious level and we have to include some weed management strategies. Never fear as we have seen it all, covered clothes lines to covered cars and we just love a garden clean up with a challenge.

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We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of service and will be happy to assist you with any enquiries you have or book your property in for a lawn mowing service.

Call us on 131 546 or feel free to request a quote on our contact page. We will get back to you with a the information you require regarding your professional Jim’s lawn mowing service.