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4 Mistakes that are Killing Your Grass

4 Mistakes that are Killing Your Grass

Incorrect lawn maintenance can lead to dry, scruffy and even dying grass. Here are four common lawn mistakes that home gardeners should avoid at all costs.

1. Incorrect Mowing Techniques

Most people assume that lawn maintenance simply revolves around mowing. Whilst it is an important aspect, it is possible to go wrong in various ways, depending on your mowing techniques. Regularly mowing the grass too short will impede the grass’s growth habit. It won’t be able to become dense like it should. This problems usually allows weeds to thrive. This problem will also result in the grass looking scruffy, even unsightly, when it regrows.

2. Blunt Blades

Mowing your grass with blunt blades can have a similar effect as using incorrect mowing techniques. Blunt blades will hinder the growth of the grass, bruising it and allowing disease, insects and weeds to thrive.

Once your lawn begins to hold weeds it takes a lot of hard work to eliminate them. Blunt blades also give the lawn an unsightly look as some of the longer grass is left half cut off and torn off. Sharpened blades give the lawn an even, clean cut.

3. Incorrect Watering

Over or under-watering your lawn can cause problems. For people serious about the state of their lawns, it is important to keep an eye on the weather. If there is rain forecast in the next few days, consider holding off on watering the lawn.

Lawns require more water in the warmer months of the year. However, try to water earlier in the day, as watering at night can increase the chances mould, mildew and other diseases due to a growth in humidity.

Early morning or early afternoon are the ideal times to water, as this allows the grass to dry before nightfall. Watering just prior to mowing is a mistake, too. This is because mower tracks become imprinted on the lawn and soil when it is wet. Furthermore, the damp grass becomes more difficult to cut and builds up underneath the mower. You will find yourself stopping regularly to clean it out.

4. Incorrect Fertilising

People who care about their lawn will usually fertilise it. However, many people don’t bother, believing the grass will grow on its own. Many people also hold the belief that the more they fertilise, the more often they will have to mow. Lawn maintenance should involve fertilising, and you should ensure you use the right fertiliser for your lawn.

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