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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

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Rubbish Removal

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Gutter Cleaning

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Hedging Pruning

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Commercial Gardening

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If you are tired of looking at poorly trimmed lawns and want a solution for lawn mowing Aspendale, read this article. We have come up with a solid answer! 

Thank you for visiting Jim’s Mowing, for lawn mowing Aspendale’s go-to quality services. Your lawns will be kept immaculate and maintained by our team of knowledgeable professionals. 

Thanks to our wide range of services, which include lawn mowing, landscaping, hedging plants, hard garbage collection, green waste removal, gutter cleaning, and tree removal, we are your one-stop shop for all your lawn care requirements in Aspendale.

Expert Lawn Mowing Services in Aspendale

At Jim’s Mowing, we recognise the value of routine lawn care for maintaining a healthy, lush lawn. Our knowledgeable staff offers precise and effective lawn mowing Aspendale services using cutting-edge tools and methods. We carelessly cut your grass evenly, remove all weeds, and make it look its best.

Landscaping in Aspendale Gardens

With the help of our skilled landscaping services in Aspendale Gardens, you can transform your outdoor area into a stunning retreat. Our talented staff has vast experience designing gorgeous landscapes that match your home. 

We take pride in providing great landscaping solutions catered to your preferences and the distinctive features of Aspendale, from creating lovely gardens to setting up irrigation systems.

Beautiful Hedging Plants for Aspendale

With our extensive collection of hedge plants, you may enhance the elegance and privacy of your Aspendale gardens. Our selection of hedge plants has been made with care to thrive in the Aspendale climate, giving you gorgeous green borders that improve the appearance of your property. We have the ideal options to fit your preferences, whether seeking tall, dense hedges or ornamental hedging plants.

Hard Rubbish Collection in Aspendale

Utilise the trustworthy hard waste collection services Jim’s Mowing in Aspendale offers to dispose of your hard waste without fuss. Furniture, appliances, and construction waste may all be removed and properly disposed of with the help of our hardworking team. We follow stringent rules and regulations, ensuring eco-friendly disposal practices and supporting a healthy and sustainable Aspendale community.

Green Waste Removal Aspendale Services

Even when it comes to eliminating green waste, environmental sustainability is a top priority at Jim’s Mowing. When possible, our crew goes above and beyond to Jim’s Work Guarantee that grass clippings, leaves, and pruned branches are recycled or composted. Using our Aspendale green vegetation disposal services, you keep your yard nice and orderly and help create a healthier environment.

Gutters Clean Aspendale

With the help of our Aspendale skilled gutter cleaning services, you can prevent water damage to your house and retain its structural integrity. To ensure your gutters are free-flowing and effective in diverting rainwater away from your property, our expert specialists will clear them of all debris, leaves, and filth. You can rely on us to maintain your gutters’ cleanliness and protect your house from water damage.

Summing Up!

We take pride in offering superior lawn mowing Aspendale services and various lawn care options at Jim’s Mowing. Make an appointment with us now to see how our professional team can improve your outside space.

Jim’s Mowing Aspendale provide the following lawn and garden services:


Hedge clipping

Tree pruning & trimming

Tree removal Aspendale

Lawn mowing

Edge trimming

Rubbish removal

Commercial mowing

Top dressing and fertilising

Aerating of lawns

Turf laying and repair

Irrigation supply and installation

Garden maintenance

Garden clean up


Gutter cleaning