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Herbicide use to kill weeds in a garden is really a quick fix. Seeds ( or seed bank ) in the soil will remain viable for up to twelve years. Once Herbicides like roundup are absorbed back into the soil, say after three or four weeks the seeds will start germinating again. Usually within one to two months the weeds will reappear. When they do they usually come back in strength as the competition has gone and they will grow quickly. Manufacturers of Glyphosate the main ingredient of products like Roundup and Zero do not talk about frequent Herbicide use and how some plants can become immune over time. So there are a few traps to frequent herbicide use, plant immunity and quick regrowth. Glyphosate is known as a non-residual product in the Herbicide Use Industry due to its toxicity lasting for only weeks. Users will need to read the label and the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and follow instructions before use.

Back Pack Herbicide Sprayer

Residual Herbicides
To achieve a long lasting effect and to prevent anything growing at all you need to move to a product like “Once a Year Path Weeder” or Simizine which is the main ingredient. These types of products whilst stopping seeds emerging are much more toxic and long lasting. Users will need to read the labels and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet ) carefully to ensure the product is safe for the intended environment.

Herbicide Use PPE

Both Glyphosate and Simizine as mentioned above are possible Carcinogenic products for long term users. Therefore it is critical that correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is used and safety instructions advised on the label are followed.

Herbicide Use PPE

Alternative Methods
In a garden environment there are several alternatives other than herbicide use.
– Hand weeding, although slower, more time consuming and therefore expensive.
– Mulching, which is basically removing light from the weeds, is effective and also has a beautifying effect depending on the mulch.
– Cultivation – with either a rotary hoe or via a hand hoe or garden fork
– Install new turf and convert into a lawn
– Install veggie beds which have a great long term benefit.
– Pave, concrete or lay bitumen or even concrete if you have to.
– Hire sheep or goats and they will also fertilize as they do. They do tend to eat everything.
– Once weeds removed plant out with thick ground covers-Native plants best.


Long Term Planning
You may have established that planning what you wish to do with the property in question at the start will assist you in choosing the most economic avenue to remove the weeds. This plan might well be a three or four step process over months. The results can be breathtaking and end with you having a very usable pleasant landscaped garden, a veggie garden to feed your family for years or maybe a strong turf lawn that your children will enjoy and your neighbours admire.

From Weeds To Feeds

From Weeds to Feeds
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