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Gardens Sell Houses
Jims Mowing believes great gardens sell houses. We have found over time that most people get three times back what they invest in either garden cleanups or soft garden landscaping. For example, if you spend $5,000- on fixing up your garden, in our experience this would result in you achieving an approximate increase in the sale price of $15,000-. This, of course, depends on each house but as a rule of thumb, nice gardens sell houses quicker and for a greater price.

Pre-Sale Garden Clean-Ups
To improve that garden to sell, Jims Mowing people usually start with the weed management, this means removing weeds by hand or spray, then pruning trees and plants, taking care to achieve separation between plants, in some cases removing dead and diseased plants and trees, clearing driveways and paths for safe access and finally opening up properties so they can be seen properly and also from the inside letting in more light. It can also mean installing new turf as the picture above shows. There is nothing quite like new green fresh turf to improve the garden aesthetics, often resulting in a house sale. The turf on the above property is a modern hybrid small leaf Kikuyu. It is a self-repairing, hard wearing drought tolerant grass ideal for busy families and pets. It also has a deep green color for most of the year and apart from a regular cut and a feed twice a year is easily maintained.

Soft Landscaping
Soft landscaping achieves the “Wow” factor, turning a tough spot into something functional that looks good, is economical and is easy to maintain. Replacing or installing some edging to define the design of your garden is a basic starting point. Mulching your garden beds to achieve some sparkle and reduce weeds as you sell is also a standard, we also often replace or install retaining walls, freshen up paths and driveways and replace rickety side gates and occasionally even update a houses letterbox. Soft landscaping may mean removing an old close line or putting in a garden seat. Last but not least it may mean planting some new flowering plants or adding some flowering pots. There is no doubt that flowering plants add that little touch of hominess that we all like and if the plants have a perfume even better. At Jims Mowing we have all these ideas that will improve your garden and sell your house and at the very least lift your property above others and make it more desirable. Great Gardens sell houses.