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07 Jul 2017

Lawn Care


Lawn Care has made Jim’s Mowing one of the most successful gardening businesses in the world. Whether your lawn is long or short our local Franchise owner’s lawn care skills can assist you to have the best lawn in the street. We can also advise you on all the main aspects of lawn care. This includes lawn rejuvenation, new turf or seed options, lawn fertilizing, lawn edging, lawn mower mulching, weed treatments, and coring and De-thatching to name a few. Our local Franchise owners can also advise you on what lawn would best suit your environment. We can offer Lawn care advice on lawns in full sun, shaded yards or areas that are dry or damp. Call Jim’s Mowing for a free quote.

Lawn Care Rejuvenation.
Has your lawn been damaged by parked cars, chemical spills, oil leaks, salt spills or foot traffic compaction? Our local Jim’s Mowing owner can offer options and advise on how best to rejuvenate your lawn. This could include coring, rotary hoeing or simply a dig over. Alternatively we may recommend fresh soil if you wish to plant new seed or turf and can offer soil tests as necessary. No project is too small or large why not give us a call!


We simply love installing new turf as the results are usually fantastic. Your property maybe new or it could be old, it does not matter. Whichever type of property you have our local Franchise owner can take you thru the turf options and provide free quotes on the best way to progress.

Lawn Care Edging
Lawn edging can really make a garden look beautiful with crisp lawn edging lines defining the garden beds and lawn. Our Franchise owners have the skills to create your lawn edging and if necessary suggest and install more formal wooden or metal edging if that is your wish. Perhaps you prefer the rambling cottage look! Well, we can accommodate that too suggesting plant and border ideas to make your garden and lawn remarkable. Why not talk to us about your Lawn edging needs?

Lawn Care Mulching.
Do you know what a Mulching mower is? This lawn care mower cuts the lawn clippings finer and then spreads the clippings neatly under the mower as it’s driven along. Providing the lawn is mowed regularly you generally can’t tell if the lawn has been mulched or caught in a catcher. Plus the bio-diversity benefits to your property and the lawn are significant. As the grass clippings De-compose they add nutrients to your soil which it turn encourages worms and birds into your garden. The end result is your lawn and garden are a much more natural place to enjoy. We can demonstrate the mulching difference, why not give us a try?

Lawn Clippings Collection
Alternatively some customers still like the lawn clippings collected and taken to the rubbish tip which we still offer. Our preference though would be to use the clippings to make compost and improve the garden on the property. Whichever way is preferable to you the customer, is fine with us and free quotes are on offer.

Weed Removal.
Have you heard of weed removal treatments for your lawn? Our Franchise owners have the skills to advise you on these spray on weed treatments. As each lawn is different and there are many invasive weeds in Australia give us a call and we can discuss the options with you and offer free quotes and ideas. Removing weeds from your lawn without harming the grasses is a great way of improving your property. Ring Jim’s Mowing on the number below for your free quote.

24 Apr 2009

Jim’s Mowing Outer North East

Jim’s Mowing Outer North East Region’s people aim to provide a prompt, professional, value for money gardening service with free quotes. Jim’s Mowing Franchise owners are required to have a clean record with Victorian police when they start. Full liability insurance is compulsory and available thru Jim’s Insurance. This means our customers can rest easy knowing that we are reliable and trustworthy.

Jims Commercial

Many Jim’s Mowing Outer North East franchisees are trained in horticulture, some are doing diplomas and various extra training. We are also proud to say Jim’s Mowing reached its 25 year milestone in 2008 so we are here for the long term. So if you need reliable help in your garden or you wish the job to be completely done by us give us a try I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


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