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Weed Management
Spring has brought on the weeds fiercely and many recent quotes relate to weed management either in gardens or in lawns. Weed seeds can remain viable in the soil for over ten years. Therefore part of our advice to customers is to look at landscaping and other options rather than bi-monthly herbicide treatments. Weed spraying is really a quick fix. To keep spraying herbicides to control weeds on a cyclical basis is not good for the biodiversity of the property or the health of the occupants. Yes, we hear what the chemical companies say about the safety of glyphosate (round-up) and how it breaks down in the soil safely after a few weeks. Let’s just say landscaping and other techniques have many more beneficial advantages rather than continuous herbicide use.


Weed Management Options
Here are some successful and economic ways to introduce weed management, reduce weeds and beautify your property.

Jim’s Mowing people have recently enjoyed weed management success by heavy mulching and in some cases using the tissue type weed mat under the mulch. Mulches used vary from the cheapest bush mulch to sugar cane mulch and the ever popular pine bark products. River stones can give an outback style garden as do red sand and succulent ground covers. We have even turfed one property once the weeds were rotary hoed out and used the new aluminum edging which came up a treat.( by turfed I mean laid new turf )

Blackberry Backpak Sprayer

Many if not most of these weed management jobs have provided our clients with years of low maintenance garden enjoyment. Some of these clients were owners and others were renting but still wanted a low maintenance garden for their family to enjoy.

Long-Term Approach
We would recommend taking the medium to long-term approach when looking at weed management and consider weed spraying as a good quick fix but not the best long-term option.