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Are you faced with a slashing problem? Have you overlooked cutting the grass and it has just grown out of control? Have you received notification from the council that your property is a fire hazard and you have weeks to fix or get penalized? Maybe you have a hobby block and the grass and scrub have got away from you. Rental property slashing and holiday block slashing are common jobs for us. Could it be that you are waiting to build and you need your house block cleaned up!

Slashing Sl asher

Slashing Solutions
Jim’s Mowing offer many solutions. Maybe you need brush cutting around obstacles with our steel blade tools. Maybe a tractor slasher is required. Our experienced ride-on mower people can cut acreages at reasonable rates. It could be that you just need a heavy duty mower to do the job. Regardless we can help.

Ride On Mower Meet

Mulch or Take Away
One of the questions you may get asked is do you want the grass left on the property or taken away? Naturally the longer the grass the bigger the job and we believe that grass clippings add great value to a property’s biodiversity. However it is your choice, you can leave it on the ground, compost it or we can take it away. We hasten to add that with most slashing jobs the grass is left on the ground.


Slash & Clean-Up
We also offer to clean-up as we slash and take rubbish to the tip, leaving the property looking clean and tidy. Usually a meeting on site can scope the job out and provide you with a free quote. We can also add some landscaping into the mix to beautify before a sale or maybe to rent out. Whichever suits we are flexible and can work with you on your project. Ring now and organize a free quote.