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Rotary Hoeing
Rotary hoeing is basically a function of cultivating soil in order to plant a vegetable garden, plant lawn seed or perhaps lay turf. Rotary Hoeing can be used to level rough ground and introduce gypsum and other soil conditioners, fertilizers and nutrients into the soil prior to planting. The machine breaks down large chunks of soil and can dig down to depths of approximately 500 millimetres depending on the machine. Why consider Rotary Hoeing is the main question you should ask before contemplating such a task. I will endeavor to cover the main reasons why Jim’s Mowing people supply the Rotary Hoeing service and which machine is most suitable.

Rotary Hoeing Job

Let us cover this off straight away. You need to be fit, strong and able bodied to complete a rotary hoeing task. Rotary Hoe’s are heavy duty machines, more often self-propelled and require significant strength to unload, load and then use in often, rough terrain. Personal protective equipment is a must including steel capped boots, ear and eye protection and gloves if the job is large. If the job is dry and dusty a dust mask would be necessary. If the ground is steep, full of clay and rock extra care is mandatory to reduce the risk of accidents.

Personal Protective Equipment

Rotary Hoeing using Tiller type machines are usually used for small vegetable plots that have seen regular cultivation over the past year or two. They are generally a lighter weight machine and not suitable for other uses. Tillers would not be suitable for heavy duty clay or rocky soil or larger jobs.

Rotary Hoe Tiller

Hire Pick-Up And Delivery
Most people need rotary hoes once or twice a year so hiring the machine is the most economical way to go. Hiring maybe an issue for some home gardeners or landscapers as a larger trailer is required.Some strength is also required in maneuvering the machine off and on the trailer as necessary. Jims Mowing owners are more than happy to supply free quotes on all Rotary Hoeing jobs.

Rotary Hoe
The standard Rotary Hoeing machine is a self-propelled machine suitable for cultivation of most soil types. They can be adjusted to cope with different heights and cultivation speed to match clay and rocky soils. They can be used for larger properties of say under one acre. Often they are used before laying turf or planting lawn seed including preparation of larger vegetable gardens. These machines are slightly larger than a standard lawn mower but will fit thru most gates where tight access is an issue. This makes them ideal for home Rotary hoeing tasks.

Rotary Hoe

Heavy Duty Rotary Hoeing.
The heavy duty rotary hoeing machine is suitable for the small hobby farm type environment. This machine would be suited to cultivate over an acre but not into the farm category. On farms where large paddocks require cultivation tractors and larger machinery is the norm. Most people could justify Rotary Hoe ownership of the most suitable machine for their property.

Rotary Hoe - Heavy Duty

Farm Tractor Rotary Hoeing

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