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Irrigation Repairs
Irrigation or reticulation systems need regular maintenance, even during the winter months when they are not being used. Irrigation repairs that need doing regularly are-
– Clearing blockages caused by insect pests like ants, slugs and bugs of all shapes and sizes attracted by pipes and moisture.
– Repairing pipe cuts made by gardening from forks shovels and secateurs
– Repairing pipes damaged from dogs that seem to enjoy the game of chewing on pipes and ripping them up.
– Repairing leaks from joins where the clamps have come off or been damaged.
– Repairing sprinklers, both micro and normal sprays that are blocked damaged or have come off.
– Replacing batteries that have gone flat in controllers
– Repairing wiring on controllers that has been damaged, gone rusty or has simply been disconnected
– Repairing and replacing blocked solenoids in automated systems
– Re-programming automated systems where there are power or battery issues
– Water source issues where taps or washers may have been damaged or are faulty.


Troubleshooting and making irrigation repairs can be very time consuming.Locating the problem and walking to and fro can take considerable time. Then sourcing the brand of parts to fix and then performing the repair especially with leaking systems can be troublesome. On the other hand irrigation repairs in the form of battery replacement are quick and easy.


Irrigation repairs on water features can be difficult. Finding leaks especially in contained systems means almost starting again. This can involve removing rocks and plants, testing repairing and often replacing pumps. Then checking and sometimes even replacing pond and tank liners.


Irrigation repairs on drip systems can often result in digging holes to find leaks and pulling up and repairing drip lines and individual drippers. Flush valves and air valves often need replacement. Solenoids, back wash valves and pressure reduction valves can need checking, cleaning and or replacing.


Jim’s Mowing can assist you with irrigation repairs. We provide free quotes and we can be the starting point to repair that system that can often save your garden, save you money and save you stress especially from irrigation leakages.