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In Your Garden
Cool mornings and beautiful warm days. Minimal wind and just the right temperature. This is the best time of year to get into your garden. Enjoy the changing colours of the season; vibrant reds, warm bronzes, amber oranges and golden yellows. Autumn is an excellent time to do some work in your garden. Garden planning, planting new trees, shrubs and bulbs and repairing borders and paths. Replacing, dividing and even some re-potting of plants and bulbs.

Trees for Autumn
Now is the time to select a tree for autumn colour.
Some suggestions:
Japanese maple (Acer palmatum)
Oak (Quercus )
Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba)
Claret ash (Fraxinus ‘Raywood’)

Things to Do in Autumn in you Garden
A great time to plant while the
soil is still warm
Sow sweet peas on St Patrick’s Day and feed plants, including those in
pots, with a slow release fertiliser
Rejuvenate your vegetable garden by adding compost and manure to be ready for winter
Start planting spring flowering bulbs
Feed and water camellias and citrus
Trim lavender and rosemary, but don’t cut back to the old wood or they may die!
Fertilise roses to withstand winter
Plant garlic
Rake up and compost leaves
Choose bare rooted plants
Prune hedges so they look good during the cooler months
Watch out for snails and slugs
Relocate plants to a more appropriate spot
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Autumn 2016
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In Your Garden Autumn 2016