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Garden Vision
Sometimes it is fun think about a garden vision. To look at what the big picture could possibly be. Do you have a garden vision?

How many flowering plants in your garden vision? How many fruit trees do you have? Do you have any hedges? What if we were to put a retaining wall here! Let us consider moving this garden bed to make more room for your garden vision etc etc.

At Jim’s we have experience in fitting plans to budgets in a realistic or even possibly a conservative manner. We can give growth estimates, and sometimes it is fun to consider the ultimate potential and have fun with your garden vision.

Now and then we all get stuck in a rut, or we find ourselves in a comfort zone where we are happy with our place in life. Sometimes we may also not realize or understand the full potential of our property and ourselves.

Perhaps your garden or property has been at a constant level for quite some time, and we just don’t see a way to change, grow, expand and improve. It is easy to start thinking like ‘my garden or property hasn’t really changed for five years, so there is probably not much chance it will change in the next five’. That is when it is great to dream of your garden vision!

Therefore sometimes it is extremely valuable to spend some time looking towards the future and the possible potential in your garden, your back yard or out the front where everyone can see!

If your wishes and plans became reality and you were able to make all things fall into place,  what is the potential for implementing your garden vision.

At Jim’s we come across customers frequently who seem pretty happy with their garden although nothing has changed for several years and when we start working on their dreams and plans and property potential it is nothing short of amazing what can be achieved.

A fresh look, some discussions on likes and dislikes, plant ideas and landscaping suggestions and you would be surprised and what can be done.

Sure, this change can take some time and sometimes  everything would have needed to work sensationally well, however this customer had never really thought about the true potential of his property.

The difficult weather patterns are one thing that needs to be considered. Budget needs to be worked. Then just imagine for a moment the pleasure you will get from looking out your window or sitting in your garden among a colorful array of flowers. Imagine landscaping and nice green drought tolerant lawns.

We believe now is a great time to spend an hour or so with your Jim’s Gardener, share your garden vision and plan your properties potential. Draw up a plan and start the ball rolling to achieve your gardens potential. 




Ready to hedge

Ready to hedge

We can help you grow this garden

We can help you grow this garden



Manicured English Box Hedge - Brick Edging - Drought proof kikuyu grass

Manicured English Box Hedge – Brick Edging – Drought proof kikuyu grass

The classic colonial look

The classic colonial look