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FENG SHUI Lawn and Garden.
A Feng shui Lawn and Garden. What does that mean I hear you say, and where does this comes from? Feng Shui ( Pronounced Fung Shoi ) is the ancient Chinese art of creating an environment for balanced, peaceful living. You don’t have to be Chinese to follow it – in fact this art is becoming more and more popular with Australians of all origins.
The principals of a Feng shui lawn and garden are based on design, ecology, Philosophy and common sense. Central to Feng shui is “Chi”i”- the flow of energy which produces growth, the regeneration of spirit and harmony of natural forces. A Feng Shui lawn and garden seem to fit very well together. Read on!
If the “Chi’i”in your environment is out of balance, you can improve it with good feng shui around your home and garden.
In feng shui the colour green is associated with the season of spring and the renewal of life. Green is also the colour of a healthy lawn and green is also the main colour in a healthy vibrant garden.
A Feng Shui lawn and Garden ideal plan is to have your homes rear and sides protected and your frontage open. An expanse of green lawn in the front of your home helps achieve this balance as does the creation of a garden at the rear and sides of your home. Use sweeping, curved lines in your garden design.
The quality and texture of pavement and driveways is hard and unyielding, where the softness and receptivity of the lawn, provides a balance.

feng-shui-Lawn and Garden

A Feng Shui lawn and Garden will have gentle curves or sweeping lines that will encourage positive flow of chi’i. This idea comes from the Chinese belief that roads or rivers, if following straight lines, may bring destruction, like arrows speeding towards their target.
Meandering lines on the other hand follow the path of nature.
A dying lawn is not positive Chi’i, rather, it creates a negative effect. A lack of vegetation creates an imbalance in your home.
Keep your front door entrance open and clear of obstruction such as walls or trees. This will allow energy to flow to the occupants of the home.


A Feng Shui lawn & garden is something that Jim’s Mowing can assist you with. We can suggest a garden design and suitable landscaping and plants. Once complete we can even assist you with the “Superjim’s” maintenance package designed to take the stress out of your life, free up your weekends and importantly, enable you and your family to enjoy your garden.