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White Oil Recipe.
This white Oil Recipe is a fantastic way to treat sooty mold on citrus trees in your garden. Make this white oil recipe using simple home ingredients and it will rid your citrus trees of sooty mold within weeks and its cheap to make.

This white oil recipe can also be used on soft brown scale on the back of Lemon Tree leaves in your garden and can also be used to treat scale on Azalea leaves plus its a remedy for many other sucking insect pests.

Use White Oil Recipe on Sooty Mold On Citrus Tree Leaves
Sooty Mould On Citrus

White Oil Recipe – Sooty Mold
1./ Take one part of any vegetable oil, (say a cupful) and add a half part of water (say a half cupful ) and pour into a blender.
2./ Add about a teaspoon of washing up detergent. This is not essential but it does keep the mix emulsified and acts as a wetting agent and this allows you to store it for use later.
3./ Blend it for a few seconds to create a kind of mayonnaise mixture. ( not fit to eat or drink once you add the detergent )
4./ Pour the thick white mixture into a jar. Add a little ( quarter of a cup ) more water to blender to flush it out and add this to your jar of “white oil” emulsion. If it has detergent in It, it can be stored for long periods without separating if not you will need to blend again prior to every use.

White Oil Recipe – Soft Brown Scale
1./mix one part homemade of above “white oil emulsion” with 40 parts of water.
It mixes easily to form a milky liquid and just pour this into a garden spray bottle and spray on all scale.

Use This White Oil Recipe on Soft Brown Scale On Citrus Tree Leaves
Scale On Citrus

Spray all parts of scale infested branches and foliage and try to get as much as possible beneath the leaves where the insects and mould are showing. The thin covering of oil clings to the leaf surfaces and suffocates the pests by sealing the outside edges of the scale excluding the air. Within weeks you should see the sooty mould and scale disappear as well as the ants feeding off these pests.

Note – This recipe for white oil is not for human consumption and should be only used to treat pests in your garden, alternatively ring Jim’s Mowing for assistance.