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Correa is a relatively small genus of endemic plants of some eleven species.Colors can vary and they are hardy and low maintenance. They are mainly prostrate to small or medium shrubs, growing to a height of approximately 2 meters as a general guide with a similar spread. However, one species are aptly known as the “Tree Correa” may achieve a height of 2 to 8 meters with a 2.5-metre spread featuring red, pink or yellow/green tubular flowers.


Correa can be dubbed the “Bread and Butter” plants of our native flora. Mostly they are easily grown in various soil types in sun or part shade. Once established, plants flower attractively for several weeks from early autumn to late spring.

Correa is the go-to plant for those hard spots when landscaping a new garden. They require little maintenance, can withstand dry periods and enjoy good drainage. Most species will grow under two meters so they are good under windows and won’t obstruct views or light.

Correa generally like to be pruned every year after flowering, this will keep the plant compact and healthy. A light fertilizes with a native fertilizer or blood & Bone will also assist keep the plant looking great.